We don’t usually find rap songs done by female artists, and surprisingly we found this one Back End. Back End is the latest song release by Jhonni Blaze, a female rap artist in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jhonni Blaze is the stage name of Jzapal Jackson, born on a military base in Georgia. She had her musical talent from her childhood. Jhonni grew up in a church where she honed her musical skills. She was impressed and inspired by a woman in the church who would sing while playing the piano. She started by banging on her grandma’s piano, teaching herself Fur Elise by ear. Although her family didn’t have a lot of money, her mother managed to buy a keyboard from Walmart for her to practice more.

Her musically tuned ears helped her learning other instruments like guitar, drums, clarinet, and violin by her self although she doesn’t know how to read music. In her teenage life, she faced many traumatic experiences which led her to be a stripper and a drug addict. After a tragic incident, she decided to get away from her devastating life and focused on her musical career.

Jhonni Blaze is singing since 2015 and has released 23 songs to date, Back End being the most popular one right now. She is also a TV actress and a dancer.

The song flows on an infectious hook and a computerized beat that goes in a slow tempo. Jhonni is both singing and rapping in the song flawlessly. Lyrics are a bit on the dirty side, but it is hardly noticed. Back The end is an excellent piece of music that is unique and powerful.

Listen to Back End on Spotify.

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