“Peel the Skin from My Flesh a Thousand Times” is the new dark and disturbing debut EP from the mysterious and mononymous artist known as Lynch. Appropriately released on Halloween, the record consists of 5 short songs that originate from the depths of depression. Lynch mixes elements of Trap and Metal to create a record that is more performance art than traditional Hip-hop or Rock. The record is a nihilistic meditation on reality, as viewed from the bottom of a well.

The EP opens with the droning bass tones and industrial noise of “Selfish Thoughts.” The track sets the scene for the 6 minute EP as Lynch delivers a monologue detailing his descent. Trap beats lead the way through the rest of the journey. His mental health deteriorates on tracks like “Woke Up” and the erroneously titled “Everything Will Be Okay.” On “No Easy Way Out” and “I Don’t Wanna Feel Like This” he suffers through existential crises and suicidal thoughts.

Lynch made the record as a form of catharsis. 2020 was the most difficult year in the lives of people around the world. This was especially true for him. “Peel the Skin from My Flesh a Thousand Times” is the sound of an artist exorcising his demons.





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