Building up beautifully and featuring the vocal delicacy of Mayra Sanchez, Sanders & King’s We ’73 Band’s new single Amazing Grace Equal in God’s Heart stylishly unites, love, and possibility. Leading with a powerful, immersive, and organic introduction – soaked in strings and gentle vocal warmth – “Amazing Grace Equal in God’s Heart” goes on to evolve into gospel territory with a clean-cut vocal lead and multiple layers of subtle keyboard sound play. 

The song is based on the life-changing experience of slave trader John Newton. The way he found Jesus through his struggles and how it transformed his life. Then he dedicated the rest of his life to Jesus and worked so hard to end slavery. He became not only a preacher, but He also shed light on the inhumane treatment of his African brethren. 

It’s a song that gives us so many valuable lessons. He wasn’t a good man but a wretched soul who found God and changed for the good and started a new life. It shows us that if we change, God will forgive us for our sins. Will Sanders adapted this version of Amazing Grace Equal in God’s Heart so this generation would know exactly what John Newton was asking to be saved from, and how the grace of God ended the destruction of a human soul that was dedicated to the evils of slavery.  

Mayra Sanchez is the sweet voice behind this masterpiece. She is a devoted Christian from  Allentown Pa who sang gospel songs from the age of 9. She is an elementary school teacher who helps young children to find God. This song is so relevant to the modern-day too. Though we hear much about slavery now racism is a real problem in our society. 

Slowly but surely, this Amazing Grace Equal in God’s Heart is transforming the country. It’s a beautiful world when we acknowledge that all are equal in God’s heart. The song was released under the Sanders and King’s We ‘73 Band. Will Sanders’s lyrics and Mayra Sanchez’s vocals make it an amazing listen to everyone who is seeking God’s message.

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