Upcoming artist Jett has released his debut single 7 Cities on Spotify, hoping for a hip hop/rap hit. 7 Cities is a laid-back and cool piece of music that will please the listener in a single play.

Jett is an upcoming artist based in Hampton, VA. An entirely new face to the music industry with a unique talent for rapping. Jett is a talented artist that can go on a long path in the music career.

7 Cities is a rap-style hip hop track with a brightness to its musicality and an impressively varied pace and engaging consciousness to its rhythmic backbone. Acoustic guitar tunes-backed music is easy to love – simple good vibes, gentle and dreamy, elevating and bright. The fallback and subsequent drop-in of the beat brings a level of weight and rhythm that energizes. Backing vocals highlight the singer like professionals.

7 Cities has quite good music production for a debut song. We are impressed.

Listen to 7 Cities on Spotify.

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